Mod Facts

Modern Materials

Modern design takes nature into account as an element to incorporate, not a challenge to be overcome. Whether sited to take best account of a dramatic view or designed to allow integration with a tamer environment, mid-century modern and modern houses do not neglect this crucial piece of the puzzle.

Ocala Block

Have you noticed buff colored stone on exterior or supporting walls in your home? Limestone used to make this concrete “Ocala Block” was quarried in Ocala, FL and used by Mid-century architects and builders looking for a unique Florida aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern Threatened or Lost

1960 – Shores Animal Hospital, NW 13th Street, Gainesville, Florida

Dean Vollendorf Architect

Now Demolished

1974 – St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

 4315 NW 23rd Avenue Gainesville, Florida

Architect Nils Schweizer 

Demolished 2019

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