About The Builders Association of North Central Florida

Started in 1955, the Home Builders Association of Gainesville is now known as the Builders Association of North Central Florida. It is an affiliate chapter of the National Association of Home Builders of the United States. 

1959 Parade of Homes

In 1959 the HBA of Gainesville held its First “Parade of Homes” home tour. The 1959 planbook was labeled a “Modern Living Exposition” and featured 11 homes by area builders at the new Skyline Heights Neighborhood at NW 8th Avenue and NW 36th Terrace, Gainesville, Florida. The Chairman of the Parade of Homes Committee was Builder Joe Willingham, who was also the developer of Skyline Heights. And the President of the HBA of Gainesville in 1959 was George F. Gaston. 

1959 Parade of Homes program

The tour included the following builders: Joe Willingham, Coy Thomas, Fletcher Builders, A. W. Fletcher, Macoma Home/Gerald McCoy, Fred Mason, Ajaz Construction Co/Woodrow Bratcher, Walter Stubbs, Jim Sanders, Bill Ridgway, Hobart Brower and Hugh Edwards.

1959 map of Parade of Homes

 1960 Parade of Homes

The 1960 Parade of Homes was led by a three member committee: Fred Mason, Gerald McCoy and Hugh Edwards. A. W. Fletcher was Acting President of the Home Builders Association of Gainesville, Florida and opened the guide with the following, “May we introduce… A new community of cultured, refined homes in Florida’s cultural center… Gainesville. Quality People demand Quality Homes! Gainesville builders must continue to stay alert to modern developments in the building industry in order to maintain the high degree of respect now enjoyed throughout the state of Florida… and merit the confidence of those we serve. Your home builders association assures you that Gainesville will continue its prominent position in quality home construction. As proof of effort in this direction we place on display the 1960 Parade of Homes. We sincerely welcome you.

1960 Parade of Homes program

The tour included the following builders: Harold Walker, Fred Mason, W.R. Bratcher, Gerald McCoy, Tom Pierson, Hugh Edwards, A.W. Fletcher, G.M Davis, William P. “Bill” Ridgeway, Coy Thomas, H.L. Brower, Joe Willingham and Walter Stubbs

1960 Parade of Homes map

1963 Parade of Homes

1963 Parade of Homes program

In 1963 the Parade of Homes was held August 11th through the 18th and featured 11 homes in the Twin Pines neighborhood. Twin Pines was developed by Hugh Edwards Inc. and is located at NW 39th Road and NW 40th Terrace Gainesville Florida. The tour had a circus theme to its program. The program said “The Greatest Show on Earth… the Parade of Homes 1963.” The program also said “Ride the band wagon to the new wonder world of better living… see revolutionary developments in design, construction, and furnishings… new dimensions of happiness.” Admission was free and so were the coca-colas. 

1963 Parade of Homes map

The Parade of Homes for 1963 included 11 homes by builder members: Hugh Edwards Inc., Ridgway Construction Company, Quality Builders of Gainesville Inc. and others. 

1964 Parade of Homes

1964 Parade of Homes program

n 1964 the Home Builders Association of Gainesville Parade of Homes Committee was led by members Gerald McCoy, Hugh Edwards, W.P. Ridgway and James Womeldurf. The Parade would showcase members Norwood Hope and Harold Walker’s new development, Renewood. The Parade guide opened with a message from President James Womeldurf, “The Gainesville Home Builders Association welcomes you to the 1964 Parade of Homes. Here is a display of ideas for better living. We invite your comments… your questions, and heartily recommend that you visit every home.” 

The Parade of Homes for 1964 included 12 homes by builder members: Quality Builders, T.D. Zetrouer, The James Company, G.M. Davis, Tommy Ridgell, Macoma Homes, Young America Homes, Kirkpatrick and Pierson, McKinley Construction Co., Hugh Edwards Inc., W.P. Ridgway and “H” Inc. For the first time, the Home Builders Association of Gainesville partnered with the Junior Woman’s Club, now known as the Gainesville Woman’s Club, on the annual Parade of Homes. All ticket proceeds would be donated to charity. According to a Gainesville Sun advertisement for the Parade of Homes admission was fifty cents. The JWC Parade of Homes committee included Mrs. Alray Howard, Mrs. Asa Cox, Mrs. Gerald McCoy and Mrs. Joe Wilder.

1965 Parade of Homes

n 1965 the Home Builders Association of Gainesville teamed up with the Junior Women’s Club to host the 7th Annual Parade of Homes. The tour cost fifty cents and was held August 1st through 8th. The site was the new subdivision of Forest Ridge developed by Hugh Edwards. The highlighted features of the 12 homes were radio controlled garage doors and peep holes on the front door. Most homes were concrete block or brick. All had central air conditioning. The homes ranged in price from $27,000 to over $43,000. 

1965 Parade of Homes map

The Parade of Homes for 1965 included 12 homes by 11 builder members. They were Macoma Homes, NW Inc., Young America Builders, Quality Builders of Gainesville Inc., Ridgway Construction Company, C and P Realty Company, Fletcher Builders Inc., Hugh Edwards Inc, Thomas Zetrouer Builder, James Company and Brower all located on NW 18th Lane between NW 21st Street and NW 20th Way, Gainesville Florida in the Forest Ridge neighborhood.